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Catering Request

Catering Buffet

Having an event but too lazy to prepare the dishes? We have got you covered. Request for catering service by filling out this form and we will connect you with one of our vendors in your area to provide catering services for you. 

PS: Prices are determined by Vendor. 


This comes with one piece chicken paired with vegetable jollof rice. Can be prepared to match exact number of persons or at random.

Whole Rotisserie

Our flame grilled chicken comes with a complimentary one plate of rice per serving and good for occasions with up to 20 persons only.


This is our best seller. Best for occasions with less than 50 persons. This comprises of jollof rice, a pet drink and chips on the side.


This is good for events happening at noon. Comes with different types of swallow and egusi soup. Each serving has two pieces of meat choice and a et drink.