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Afri Seasons Merchant Application Process, Pricing and Requirements

At Afri Seasons, we believe and value our vendors and promoting their businesses remains our top priority. 

We guarantee the easiest registration protocols out there, all happening with our apps and a few clicks. And when you are ready to sell, rest assured you’ll enjoy the lowest possible merchant commissions. 

If you are a restaurant or a shop owner, this is one of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways to promote your business. 

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Merchant Requirements

Afri Seasons merchant application process is done online and the requirements will be submitted during the application process. Below are the required documents to become an Afri Seasons seller: 

  1. Other DTI Forms – Form 9, 13, or 49 whichever is applicable
  2. Business Name Registration
  3. BIR Certificate of Registraion
  4. Valid Government Issued ID of Owner or the Person in Charge of the store
  5. Clear copy of your menu (Scanned or picture taken by a camera)

Please note that we do not require you to submit all document, any of the above mentioned documents alongside the restaurant or store product list (Menu) can be provided during registration. 

Afri Season Merchant Fees

  1. Afri Seasons charges restaurants and shop owners a commission of 7% per transaction. We moved from charging 5% per product sold to 7% on the entire transaction.
  2. There will be a P550 monthly platform fees. If your revenue for sales on Afri Seasons is less than P3,000 for the month, this platform fee is automatically waived.
  3. Online payments made by the customer have a 2% to 3% payment gateway fee depending on payment method. For credit card, it’s 3.5%, for Paymaya and GrabPay, it’s 1.8% and Gcash is 2.30%.  BPI and UBP Direct debit is 1% and/or P15. These fees are not set by us but our payment processor. In the apps, we are only providing ewallets payment which means just 1.8% for Maya and Grabpay and then 2.30% for Gcash per transactions. There is no transaction fees for payments made via bank transfer. Afri Seasons will only deduct the bank transfer charges if your bank is different from ours. 

These are the only fees we charge on Afri Seasons and no other hiden charges. Here, you maintain you selling power.