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Definition of Terms

MOU: Memorandum of Agreement

TOU: Terms of Use

Afri Seasons a fully registered entity under the name Afri Xpr Online Shop with registration number 3034-22.

We want to encourage everyone who will be selling on our platform to enable to take the time to go through these Terms of use. This MOU and TOU serve as our agreement and signing up as a vendor, we assume you have read all of it and explicitly agreed to it. This MOU and TOU will be subject to change at any time without prior consultation. 


Afri Seasons as a platform is open to anyone who wishes to have an online store at the fraction of the real cost. To become a vendor you need to register and be approved. Once approved you can set up your store and start selling.

  1. We will suspend any shop found wanting or breaching any of our rules without warning. We will also take legal action if the situation warrants it.
  2. Registration is free of charge.
  3. Afri Seasons charges restaurants and shop owners a commission of 7% per transaction. We moved from charging 5% per product sold to 7% on the entire transaction.
  4. There will be a P550 monthly platform fees. If your revenue for sales on Afri Seasons is less than P3,000 for the month, this platform fee is automatically waived.
  5. Online payments made by the customer have a 2% to 3% payment gateway fee depending on payment method. For credit card, it’s 3.5%, for Paymaya and GrabPay, it’s 1.8% and Gcash is 2.30%.  BPI and UBP Direct debit is 1% and/or P15.
  6. These fees are not set by us but our payment processor. In the apps, we are only providing ewallets payment which means just 1.8% for Maya and Grabpay and then 2.30% for Gcash per transactions.
  7. There is no transaction fees for payments made via bank transfer.
  8. Afri Seasons will only deduct the bank transfer charges if your bank is different from ours. 

Order fulfillment

Our main goal is to help you sell without hassle and without owning an actual online store. We will try as much as possible to take away the burden of marketing and publicity. 

  1. You will only ship the product after the admin has marked the order as processing. This means we have confirmed receipt of payment from the buyer. All notifications go to your email.
  2. Once order is shipped and delivered, you may marked it as Completed in your dashboard. Once we confirm with the customer, we will mark it as completed also and your funds available immediately. 
  3. You may request payout only after order has been fulfilled.
  4. Enable to enter correct payment details as we will not be liable for lose of funds due to incorrect bank or paypal details.


We have formulated a very straight forward payment module and below we are going to explain how it is going to work. Immediately you sign up on our platform as a vendor, it is our responsibility to make sure you get the best of sales.

Below is the payment agreement:

  1. Moving forward, we will be charging a fixed 7% per transaction. This is to avoid adding fees to original product retail price. Furthermore, payment gateway charges will be charged to the vendor; this only applies for Gcash, Paymaya and GrabPay.
  2. If you have created a coupon in your shop, your commission will be calculated after deducting the coupon.
  3. All shipping charges collected per order will be transferred to the vendor. This is so the vendor can deliver the order.
  4. Our payout methods are PayPal and Bank to Bank transfer. You can set your preferred method in the dashboard of your account. Vendor bears all gateway charges.
  5. Vendors will be charged P10 per withdrawal after the quota of free withdrawals (5) is over.


All shipping will be handled by third party delivery companies namely; Lalamove, TokTok, Grab etc. Buyers are mandated to pay delivery fee to riders upon delivery.